General Features

Aesthetics, elegance, power, comfort, spaciousness…

These were some of the goals we had in mind when designing the Spook 62. With Spook 62, you can have daily parties with your loved ones or go on a blue cruise with your family in an open area that is unexpected of this size. No matter which marina you anchor in, Spook 62 will make you stand out among other boats with its taste. It will be a reference point for other boat owners when describing the location of their boats.

Spook 62 modern ve hızlı bir motor yat için kesintisiz geniş iç hacim sunmaktadır. En ince detaylarına kadar kusursuz bir zevk ve işçilik ile üretilen Spook 62 yıllarca gururla arkadaşlarınızı ağırlayabileceğiniz bir eğlence aracı olacaktır. Spook 62 ister özel kullanım için iki kabin + mürettebat kabini seçenekli, isterseniz günlük ticari kullanım için bir kabin + mürettebat kabini ve daha geniş bir salon ve mutfak alanıyla sizin seçiminize göre üretilmektedir.

Enjoy the Spook 62 without any worries, no matter which sea you are having fun in, with its state-of-the-art equipment using world-famous brands. You won’t be able to take your eyes off the premium Burmese teak on the deck and cockpit. You will experience the pleasure of touching your yacht with Burmese teak that defies the years. Spook 62, which will retain its value in the second hand with its incredibly competitive price policy without compromising on quality, will be a pleasure to sell, even if it is difficult to part with it.